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How to Use Our Body Scrub - Step by step guide

Those of you who have tried our scrubs on your hands at local markets know that you feel soft smooth skin instantly.   Recently I have had  customers ask why they are not getting the same instant benefit when they use the scrubs on their body.  The most common reason is the way that you are applying the scrub.

If you have been to a market recently you would have heard me say that I chose to do my weekly scrub on a Friday.  Why a Friday?  Simple.  It is the day that I also clean the shower so it works perfectly for me.  (Sometimes the shower can look like a massacre when I'm finished)  So my routine is as follows:

1.  Jump in the shower and get my body softened with warm water - too hot and it can dry your skin out.  Warm water opens your pores and allows the scrub to do its thing - remove dirt and dead skin cells. I usually let the shower run for about 3-5 minutes.

2.  TURN OFF the shower.  This is the important part. If you leave the shower on then the scrub simply gets washed down the drain before you have time to scrub it on your body.

3.  Place a scoopful into my hand and smoosh  (not a very technical term) both hands together.  With circular motions I apply the scrub on each arm and shoulder and gently rub in circular motions letting the scrub do all the hard work.  Then I put more in my hand and do each leg in the same way.  

4.  I quickly turn the shower on to rinse only my hands then turn it OFF again.  

5.  I apply my face scrub* being careful to be even more gentle with the circular motions.  Avoid the eye area.  Then I do my shampoo all before turning the shower back ON


* It is important not to use your body scrub on your face.  Body scrubs are designed to penetrate the skin on your body - the skin on your face is much softer and it requires a more refined scrub.

6.  Final step is to rinse the scrub off gently and pat the body dry.  It is important not to rub the skin after exfoliating as this can irritate the skin when it is so delicate.

 I hope this has given you a few good tips on how to use your body scrub with success.  A couple of final points - never exfoliate sun burnt skin as it will not only hurt but it will delay the healing process.  Also remember to patch test if you are using a product for the first time.  Our mini scrubs are perfect for this if you haven't already tried our products at a market.


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