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Mist - Uplifting
Lavender flower
Rosemary sprig
Piece of ginger root
Marjoram herb sprigs

Mist - Uplifting

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Create a positive and inspiring environment with this Uplifting Mist.   A delightful blend of Rosemary, Lavender, Marjoram and Ginger

Use as a room spray or as a spritzer on your face.  

    The lavender essential oil may help to: 

    • Soothe inflammation and pain
    • calm and decongest your sinuses
    • Balances emotions by reducing anxiety
    • Offers reassurance and strength
    • Helps to clear infections

    Rosemary essential oil may help to:

    • revive the senses and give mental clarity
    • be great to use for brain fog when studying
    • stimulate blood flow and help warm a cold body
    • stimulate mental focus and alertness and is said to strengthen the heart

    Ginger essential oil may help to:

    • help reinvigorate when feeling flat
    • help strengthen the mind, restoring motivation, confidence


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